All proceeds from the Dirt de Utah event are dedicated to scholarships for low-income families, with the goal of increasing youth participation in bike racing.

  • Kadence Preston founded the Wasatch on Bikes Foundation with a mission to introduce more junior high and high school students to mountain biking. Passionate about the sport and its transformative impact on her life, Kadence aims to support low-income athletes in accessing mountain bike racing. Proceeds from races are channeled back to the Wasatch on Bikes Foundation, providing scholarships to low-income athletes for both the Soldier Hollow MTB Team and the Wasatch Mountain Bike Team. Collectively, these teams boast over 220 athletes, embodying the spirit of inclusion and opportunity that the foundation seeks to promote.

Kadence has been passionate about biking since the age of 3, continually pushing her limits and finding joy in mastering drops and jumps. Beyond her personal achievements, Kadence is deeply committed to making mountain biking more accessible. She founded the nonprofit “Wasatch on Bikes” with the mission of making mountain biking more affordable for low-income families. All proceeds from her races are donated to the “Wasatch on Bike Foundation,” directly supporting efforts to bring the joy of biking to athlets in Wasatch County

Bryan is a dedicated member of the Wasatch Mountain Bike Team with a passion for biking. When he’s not balancing school and work, he treasures spending time with friends and family. An active athlete, Bryan also competes on the Wasatch High School tennis team. He enjoys summer days on the lake and winter adventures on the ski slopes.

Parker, a lifelong mountain bike racer, has been competing since his elementary school days. He is passionately carrying his love for racing into his high school career and plans to continue as a professional athlete.