MTB RACE AT SOHO – Home of the 2002 Olympics!


Midway Mountain Mayhem MTB Race:

35 miles
3800 feet of climbing
Get ready for the Midway Mountain Mayhem MTB Race—a challenging 35-mile adventure through the scenic landscapes of Soldier Hollow and the charming Swiss town of Midway. Explore some of the best trails in Wasatch State Park and Dutch Hollow while testing your biking skills. After the race, unwind and celebrate at the post-race party at Soldier Hollow. Don’t miss out on this unforgettable day of mountain biking fun!


Wasatch to Park City Epic

78 Miles
9800 feet of climbing
Be warned and prepared for the ultimate adventure with the Wasatch to Park City Epic race! This challenging journey takes riders from the breathtaking landscapes of Soldier Hollow through the Swiss town of Midway, up the demanding Wow climb in Wasatch State Park to the stunning vistas of Bonanza Pass. After a quick feed at the top, riders will descend through some of Utah’s best single-track trails into Park City.

But the adventure doesn’t end there! Riders will then ascend the Armstrong climb to the top of the crest trail, where they can refuel before tackling the exhilarating descent down the Wow trail. With 50 miles of challenging terrain, riders must be on their A-game.

After the epic ride, return to Soldier Hollow to enjoy delicious food, refreshing drinks, and share unforgettable stories of the day’s adventure. Don’t miss out on the Wasatch to Park City Epic—a journey you’ll never forget!