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Bike Choice/Set Up
Gravel bikes with 38-42c tires will be fast on the rail trail and climb up Decker Canyon possibly a little slower on the decent in Solider Hollow. A hardtail mountain bike is a great option on this course. We’ll keep you updated if trail conditions change on Friday September 29th.

Come prepared with warmer gear for warmups and staging. The 3-day weather forecast is calling for temps of 45 degrees at 8:00 AM and by 9:00 AM 52 degrees.

Course details
The route will start at the biathlon range at Soldier Hollow. It will climb up the hollow, then traverse through a mix of single-track and double-track. At mile 6, you will jump onto the Deer Creek Rail Trail where you will ride to the Deer Creek Dam turnaround checkpoint and make your way back to Decker Bay to climb 2.5 miles, just under 1,000 feet of elevation up Decker Canyon. Once at the top, you will have a breathtaking view of Deer Creek (you might want to take some pictures). Then you will head back down a mix of single-track and double-track through Soldier Hollow. At the bottom of the descent, the 25-mile route will end by turning left and heading back into the Soldier Hollow stadium to celebrate your finish. For the brave cyclists who are doing the 50-mile option, they will continue straight and head to the rest stop to refuel and contemplate having to do another hard 25 miles.


  • Cutoff time at 11:10 AM for the 50 Mile route
  • Please be respectful of other trail users on the Deer Creek Rail Trail; it is not closed to other trail users. The State Park gave us a permit and asked us to be kind to other trail users.
  • After passing Decker Bay, please be cautious; it is an out-and-back, stay single file unless you are passing. Please stay left (yes, the opposite side of the road) on the way out to the dam and then stay left on the way back to Decker Canyon to avoid collisions with riders turning to head up Decker Canyon.
  • Decker Canyon is private property, and it is active with cattle; the landowner was kind enough to let us use the venue for the day as long as we had volunteers opening and closing the gates to ensure cattle didn’t get out. Please don’t ride the canyon without permission.

Course Setup
The course will be marked on Friday at 3:00 PM. It will be marked with yellow arrows and directional tape. After athletes pass Decker Bay, please stay on the left side of the trail on the way to the dam and then stay left on the way back as you make your way up Decker Canyon. Please use caution with other trail users since it will not be a closed course.

Athletes are not allowed to pre-ride Decker Canyon because it is private property, and we only have permission for Saturday. Feel free to ride the Soldier Hollow section and the Deer Creek Rail Trail. Thank you for your understanding so we can use it in future years.

Rest Stop
There will be a hydration and nutrition stop at mile 25 featuring Bucked Up’s endurance line Long Range. We’ll also have bars, gels, and other snacks. If you wish to leave bottles with your name clearly labeled on them, you may leave them with the feed zone volunteers at the announcement booth near the start line. The feed volunteers will have your bottles at the mile 25 feed station.

What You Get

    • A crazy hard, dirty, fun adventure with close friends and cycling buddies!
    • A nutrition and hydration feed zone
    • Bucked Up Endurance Nutrition
    • Event timing
    • Free event photos
    • Emergency medical support
    • Neutral support at the start and finish line (thanks to Gravity Coalition Bike Shop)
    • Lunch
    • To ride on some untouched private property up Decker Canyon
    • Prizes: Podium and prizes for the top 3 in each category
    • Forge+Bond Carbon Wheels for the fastest 25-mile and 50-mile riders
    • Proceeds are going back to support the Wasatch MTB High School team and Soldier Hollow MTB Team

The promoter of this event believes when you give more value than the fee you charge, it comes back to you.

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